Announcing TapRoot Fibre Mill’s Sample Yarn Sale!

Starting in 2016, TapRoot Fibre Lab launched a locally owned and operated mill to spin yarn from flax produced by TapRoot Farms and other local fibre farmers. Starting from scratch, we have employed local yarn expertise, enthusiasm, and knowledge to build a line of local linen and linen-blend yarns for weavers, knitters, and fiber artists; as well as for creating textiles, housewares, and clothes for our Community Shared Linen project. (For more information visit

As a part of this process, we have put our team, machines, and creativity to the test. In learning to build new yarns, we have prototyped small batch runs of wool, alpaca, and linen which, in the end, will not be a part of our primary inventory. These exclusive and limited edition bags of roving, skeins, and cones are ideal for spinners, hand-crafters, and fiber artists interested in working with locally produced products.

Add your artistry to this yarn’s story! Knit, crochet or hand-weave a unique scarf, shawl, cowl, hat or wall hanging. Be sure to grab enough for your project today, before they sell out, available only at Noggins Corner Market. Follow the Fibre Lab and mill’s continued work on Facebook and Instagram, for updates and announcements on our full line of locally grown and produced products, and to tag us in your yarn adventure!

Happy Crafting!

*priced individually; see items for details at Noggins Corner Market

Limited Run Yarns Spun in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia