Our current model for clothing and accessory creation is Community Shared Linen. Community Shared Linen (CSL) is an opportunity to support a localized small-scale textile industry from seed, to fibre, to final piece.


This is the beginning of community-based clothing and textiles created by Abi, Patricia, Josh and the amazing team at TapRoot Farms and TapRoot Fibre Lab. Members of our CSL are actively participating in the evolution inspired by farm-based innovators Patricia and Josh to grow clothes at TapRoot Farms and supporting the creative work of emerging fashion designer Abi. Together we can create the foundation for a sustainable, ethical, thriving agricultural and fibre-arts business that produces dynamic, fun, and accessible linen pieces within 200 km of where the flax is sowed.


There are a few different ways to get involved. Our CSL Collection is available for membership in the fall with garments and textile items sent to members throughout the following year. Our Zero-Waste CSL options are always open for new memberships with exciting limited edition items popping up throughout the year.