Fibre & Yarn / TAPROOT FIBRE

We create and distribute small batch, absolutely amazing Nova Scotia linen fibre products specializing in roving, batting and yarns.


Local fibre for local use; honouring the farmer (paying fair prices), the planet (sustainable), humanity (treating employees with trust and respect) and the community (producing products at a fair price, building vibrancy).  Advocate for the adoption of “Seed to Shirt” initiatives by providing the tools, knowledge, equipment and model to other small rural communities so they can create sustainable “seed to Shirt” integration and employment of their own.


The TapRoot Fibre & Yarn Mill is a processing facility producing natural fibres (linen, hemp, nettles, wool, alpaca) roving, batting and yarns. All products produced by the TapRoot Fibre & Yarn Mill will include bast fibres.


The TapRoot Fibre & Yarn Mill is the only mill in Canada which will be processing long line linen and linen tow blends from flax grown in Nova Scotia, Canada. The Mill sells its products to wholesale accounts, direct to the retail consumer through online sales, and direct selling events.


Our Fibre/Yarn Products:
100% Linen Roving and yarns
Blended Linen and local sheeps wool
Knitting yarns, weaving yarns