Taproot Fibre Lab / NOVA SCOTIA LINEN

Grown in Port Williams Nova Scotia at TapRoot Farms our linen products are made from hand harvested, dew retted flax. Processed using our TapRoot Fibre Lab Breaker and Scutcher and further processed using Belfast Mini Mills Separator and Carding Machines. We are pleased to offer a variety of linen products with more options available soon.


Our plan is to have all parts of the flax plant available for you including: seeds will be used for human and animal consumption, the shive for animal bedding and garden mulch, the tow for raw fibres, roving (100% tow and tow/wool blends), and yarn (100% tow and tow/wool blends), while the long line linen will used to produce raw fibres, sliver,  spun yarn, fabric, and clothing.


We are now producing a range of linen yarns including 100% tow linen yarns and linen/wool blends.