Clean Tow Fibres


These fibres have a staple length of approximately 5-9 cm’s and are still beautiful to work with. These fibres could be blended or spun as is. Our clean tow fibres are available in 100-grams.

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TapRoot Fibre Lab  fibres have been grown and processed in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.Our flax straw was broken and scutched to separate and remove the woody shive from the linen fibres. Then hackled to remove any remaining shive, knots, and any short line linen (tow). The short fibres are process through the Bellfast Minimills Separator and then further processed to create roving in the Belfast Minimills Carder. We are eagerly awaiting the completion of our machines to further process the long line linen into spun yarn. Get a feel for the fibres by watching this short clip:

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