Taproot Fibre Lab / CSL 2018 COLLECTION

Community Shared Linen (CSL) is an opportunity to support a localized small-scale textile industry from seed, to fibre, to final piece. Community members have joined us on this journey by investing in a year-long share of linen garments, accessories, and household items. Their shares are directly supporting local linen production, artisans and craftspeople in Nova Scotia.


Shareholders are receiving products over the course of 2018. The garments are custom made to each individual shareholders measurements with responsive product support. Shareholders have also been included in the development of this limited edition first TapRoot line with regular updates and unique insights into the entire creative process.


This is an opportunity to support and invest in the beginnings of a community-based clothing line created by Abi, Patricia, Josh and the amazing team at TapRoot Farms and TapRoot Fibre Lab. By becoming a member of our CSL, people are actively participating in the evolution inspired by farm-based innovators Patricia and Josh to grow clothes at TapRoot Farms and supporting the creative work of emerging fashion designer Abi. Together we can create the foundation for a sustainable, ethical, thriving agricultural and fibre-arts business that produces dynamic, fun, and accessible linen pieces within 200 km of where the flax is sowed.


What is being investing in:

This is about more than the clothes and accessories. The 2018 TapRoot Community Shared Linen has been created to fulfill our dream of growing clothes from the farm. Shareholders are supporting the financial requirements of the final phases of making it all a reality. These investments will enable getting our two processing mills fully operational (employment for 5 people), completing the research and design on the last two steps needed to spin long line linen, hiring a designer (Abi) who will design, create, manage and share her gifts with us, and getting everything in place for a 2019 clothing line (a vibrant future). 


Share Investment:

We calculated three TapRoot Community Shared Linen (CSL) memberships.

The memberships began November 1 2017, with delivery of items throughout 2018.


Option 1: $4,245 includes: a full range of limited edition fibre arts items delivered throughout 2018.

Option 2:  $2,160 includes: one linen garment, two linen/wool garments, one accessory and one household item.  

Option 3: $756 includes: one wool/linen garment and one linen household item OR accessory. 


What next:

We have been learning so much through the first Community Shared Linen project and are excited to apply this knowledge as we develop our 2019 collection and work on scaling our operations.